“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”  - Warren Buffet,  Investment Guru

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”
- Warren Buffet,
Investment Guru


About this series

The financial industry is the engine of an economy. Whilst driven by the progressive growth of world population and its demand, imperative of annual profit and GDP growth, it has had to come to terms with the need for sustainability in exploiting scarce resources and addressing climate change. Investment bodies worldwide search for innovative products that would increase profitability, at the same time create environmental and social value. This series highlights finance and sustainability as integrated subjects with observations on financial and investment principles. We will highlight the work done by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and their collaborators.

There is ample opportunity to network and share experiences and solutions with a view to creating a close-knit group for participants to interact with each other after the programme in furthering the cause for sustainability.

Who should attend?

Whether you are an industry professional, a company representative, an individual with a mission or a student in related field, the Sustainable Finance Series is a must to attend in 2019. You may just be one of our Sustainability Revolutionists :

• Design Consultant • Project Management • Legal/ Contracting • Operations • Professionals Energy Management • Sustainability Management • Environmental Management
• Facilities Management • Waste Management • Climate Change Management • SHE Management • Project Management • Supply Chain/ Contract Management • Purchasing/ Procurement • Regulation/ Policy Making • Sustainability Analysts • NGO Staff • Academia
• Tertiary education student • An individual with a mission

Series Code : SFS01
Time and Programme Description

10.00 AM
Registration and Coffee

10.15 AM Welcome

10.30 AM Brief introduction to conventional finance
• A walkthrough on current global trends, approaches and issues considered in
identifying environmental degradation

11.00 AM Sustainability Goals and how to achieve them
• What are the major threats world population will encounter as it attempts to
steer towards footprints to sustainability?
• What are the most effective engagements for mitigating these threats on the
footprints to sustainability?
• Whack That Carbon! ©

1.00 PM Lunch Break and Networking

2.00 PM Introduction to Sustainable Finance
• What is Sustainable Finance?
• What is the driving force of Sustainable Finance?
• How can financial industry manage ESG risks?
• How to incorporate ESG considerations into operations?
• Principles for Responsible Investment
• Global sustainability indexes, initiatives and reporting

3.15 PM Rewire Your DataBrain ©
• Systems Change, Partners for System Change, Transformation Strategies

3.45 PM Discussion on international bodies advocating Sustainable Finance
• UNEP FI, Natural Capital Finance Alliance, their affiliations and roles

4.15 PM Special Sharing

4.30 PM Key Lessons and Takeaways

5.30 PM End of Huddle