Aichmi Group employs innovative, socio-economics tools and formulations as guiding principles in sustainable development work.

By applying a sustainable green growth model, Aichminomics ©, we advise, mentor and consult clients through education and training, groom leaders with emphasis on the values derived from the practices of resource-based circular economy and the principles of sustainable development. The main focus is to maintain accountability in delivering sustainable measurable results.


"We have the power to destroy ; what we need is the power to restore"

- Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, Oceanographer
IUCN Congress Hawaii, 2016



Aichmi Group is committed to provide innovative and effective sustainable solutions in a manner which is ethical, socially responsible, protective of the environment and supportive of the laws which ultimately benefit the communities.


A leading global and world-class provider of innovative and effective sustainable solutions.



The Greek word “Aichmi” (Αιχμη, pronounced “Ache-mee) means "cutting edge"; Aichmi is governed by the virtues of these ancient Greek moral philosophy:

• Arête: Excellence in everything we do.

• Phronesis: Moral and practical wisdom as guidance.

• Eudaimonia: Flourishing and happiness in spirit and action.

Our core values shape our culture and define the character of Aichmi Group in how we act and make decisions through individual and collective behaviours.





Aichminomics © is the enhancement of Aichmi’s Strategic Green Growth Model ©. This model drives the achievement of human well-being and puts a halt to the depletion of natural resources. It enables natural capital continuity.

Aichminomics © is a framework for integrating and operationalising sustainability into an organisation’s business strategy in a systematic and coordinated manner, which connects to SDG goals. By promoting awareness, integrating sustainability into operations and creating sustainability advocates as pre-requisites to sustainable development, this facilitate and support the implementation of The Global Goals which aim for the well-being of people, safe-guarding the planet while earning ethical profits.